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Constant power outages put lives of patients at risk at JTH

Author : | Published: Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Juba Teaching Hospital is facing power cuts due to a shortage of fuel.

People taking care of patients in the hospital say the power cut is putting the lives of their relatives at risk.

One of these people taking care of patients is John Alier. He says he has been waiting for up to three days to have blood screened for donation to his father.

“Today there is power, but the power came at 10:00am, two hours after the expected time and this is not something new in Juba Teaching Hospital especially in section of laboratory and the blood bank,” Mr Alier described.

“Over the weekend, people, including myself, waited for three consecutive days for power to come so that the bloods cross checking and cross matching with the one of patient and the donors could be done, but that did not took place because of lack of power.”

He urges the administration of the Hospital to solve the power problem to save the lives of the patients brought on emergency.

The Director of the Juba Teaching Hospital, Dr. Wani Lolik Ladu, said the hospital generator needs 10 barrels of fuel to supply power throughout the day.

But he says the hospital administration can only afford five barrels a day.

“I provide at least 5 barrel per a day that I use from 9:00AM up to 3:00PM and then from 8:00 PM up to 3:00 o’clock in the morning that is what I can do.”

Dr Ladu says the hospital is using a generator because there is no alternative power supply all over the city.

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