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Businessman Ayii Duang threatens to sue Trade Minister

Ayii Duang Ayii (centre) and other members of the business community at JIA | photo | Juba Monitor

The chairperson of South Sudan business community is threatening to sue the Minister of Trade for accusing him of extorting money from the public.

Last week, Moses Hassan called on the Transitional National Legislative Assembly to summon all entities and individuals accused of imposing illegal taxes on traders, including Ayii Duang.

Mr. Hassan said the institutions and people were behind the increase in the market prices.

He said some individuals often undermined his authority to oversee the business sector.

“Our minister of trade is supposed to talk about who exactly went to the market so that the person could be asked… say that the Business Union has done this and that, but why mentioning Ayii Duong Ayii in person?” Ayii Duany Ayii said in response.

Mr Ayii, who owns the South Sudan Supreme Airlines, questioned the minister’s utterance and asked him to either revoke or else he takes him to court.

“It is now twice the minister of trade talked about my name when the union is not Ayii. It is an institution that has legal documents in the Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs,” he said.

Other institutions named by the Minister of Trade include state governments, Jubek Chamber of Commerce, the City Council and organized forces.