21st May 2024
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Brother of S4 student explains why he pulled sister out of examination room

Author: Yar Ajak | Published: Monday, May 2, 2022

The brother of a senior four student pulled out of the examination room said he was angry because the sister had reportedly eloped with one of the teachers.

Akim Garang claimed the sister had been missing from home only to appear on examination day at King’s College Secondary School.

On Thursday, 20-year-old Adut Garang Ngang was forced to leave the examination room by Akim who – according to reports – wanted to marry her off.

Adut was to complete her final paper on Friday.

Members of the public accused Akim of violating Adut’s right to education.

In response, Akim Garang claimed his sister has been pursuing a relationship with one of the teachers who was her former schoolmate.

He alleged that Adut had run into hiding – three times – with her suspected boyfriend, prompting him to show up at the school.

“I did not allow her because I was angry with those teachers because I told them let me go and investigate her but they refused,” Akim told Eye Radio.

“If the head teacher and that teacher agreed to elope with my sister, I should not allow her because I know the meaning of education and this is why I brought her up to this level from nursery to senior school.

“She did not come alone, I am the one who educated her. If somebody come to interfere then I will not allow that.

“I need Adut to follow my channel the way I do my things but if somebody elope with her and come back during examination I will not allow. How do they expect me to feel? I will be angry.”

For his part, the chief invigilator said they tried to persuade Akim to allow the sister complete her examination.

“We tried to give him some options to allow Adut to sit for exams. We told him to come today at 12noon to the center to wait for her sister and take her after she finish her exams but he refused that option,” Deng told Eye Radio.

“We also gave him another option that if he fears that Adut might escape from the compound then we can take her to the police station and do her exams from there and the police will take care of her.

“He [Akim] also refused that option and said his only option was to stop Adut from doing the exams and he had to go with her. We sat down with him but he did not accept.

“We tried to lock Adut into the examination room but he jumped into the exams room and we saw it was destructing the whole examination of the center. So the next thing was to allow him to take his sister.”

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