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Armed robbers to be tried in a military court-President Salva Kiir

President Salva Kiir has said armed criminals who attack civilians will be court martialed from now onward.

“They should not be taken to police or prison anymore. When arrested and you are found with a gun, we ask you where you have got  it from,”he told the army at SSPDF headquarters–Bilpam on Thursday.

There have been reports of armed robberies across the country, including the capital Juba where civilians often accuse men in uniform of committing the crimes.

Kiir directed the chief justice – Chan Reech Madut – to establish a special court to try such crimes.

“I inform  now you as you return to your office later, you go and form a special court to try criminals in a military manner.”

As the commander-in-chief – President Kiir was yesterday awarded seven medals by the SSPDF – for his outstanding, long and distinguished military services during the days of the liberation, and during and after the CPA interim period.

The awarding of the medals was based on the recommendation of the 5th Command Council Conference held in Juba in 2016.