Women launch fundraising drive for displaced

More than 41,000 IDPs live in Wau. They rely on relief aid|UNMISS Archive photo | July 2016.

The South Sudan Women’s Block has launched an appeal for funds to provide support for the internally displaced persons in Juba.

The IDPs are mainly in Manga tain one, Mangateen, Juba 2, Khor William and checkpoint.

The women say they visited them and found that they need support in terms of food and non-food items such as clothes and utensils.

The Executive Director of the women’s block, Amer Manyok Deng, says they will be receiving the donations on Saturday at Kush Resort Hotel in Konyo-Konyo.

“This occasion of food and non-food item contribution fundraising is about us. Our people are in desperate situation and they strongly need our support,” Ms Amer told reporters at the launch yesterday.

The Women’s block is making the campaign in collaboration with the Youth for Peace and Development group.
Gak Abraham Geu is the director of the group.

“We thought of peace. It is not easy to be done but we have to be support it through distribution of food and non-food item during fundraising because you can’t speak to someone who is hungry and you think that he will listen to you,” Mr Gak said.

“The main factor which is causing conflict in south Sudan is lack of food. People don’t have food in their houses so they think of things that are destructive in order to get food in other area,” he said.

The fundraising campaign is under the theme: “Coming together for fund-raising for the National Dialogue Initiative.”