UNMISS reports ‘calm’ in Magwi areas of Imatong State

UNMISS patrol on Magwi road in May 2017. PHOTO//UNMISS

The spokesperson of the United Nations Mission in the country says the security situation in five areas in Imatong state is calm.

Daniel Dickinson says a patrol team of peacekeepers visited the areas this week.

In the past, UNMISS complained of limited or delayed access by authorities to some areas where violence had been reported.

On Friday, Daniel Dickinson said that a team of UNMISS personnel has been conducting integrated long range patrol from Torit to Nimule since Monday.

Mr. Dickinson said the patrol unit visited Emilio, Magwi, Labone, Pajok, Melijjo and Owinykibul areas in Imatong state.

He said the mission assessed the security situation and reported the situation to be calm.