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UJOSS re-opened after 4 months

South Sudanese reporters cover an event - file photo

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan has reopened 4 months after it was temporarily shut down by the media authority over registration row.

The media body was first suspended together with other organizations that failed to register after a deadline elapsed in October last year.

UJOSS was then closed down a week later.

The Managing Director of the Media Authority, Elijah Alier, said the closure of the body has been lifted.

“We officially registered them as of yesterday and now they got their media operation license,” he said.

“They should have started any activity that they have been doing.”

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of UJOSS, Oliver Modi, said the delay in their registration process was due to some outstanding issues between the body and the Media Authority.

These include who to represent journalists when they get into trouble with the authorities.

He said they have set their mandates and agreed to stick by them.

“We were just told to focus on our mandate because you remember when the media authority was not established, there were certain activities that the union was doing on their behalf,” said Mr Modi.

“So with their presence, that means we have to then cooperate with them and make sure that we give to them what belongs to them and we take what belongs to us.”

Mr. Modi added that the Union of Journalists will resume activities on Monday.