UJOSS chairperson Oliver Modi steps down

Photo by Gurtong Trust

The chairman of Union of Journalists of South Sudan, Oliver Modi, has stepped down after his 5-year term ended this month.

Modi revealed his resignation during the General Assembly Meeting of UJOSS in Juba on Wednesday.

Speaking during the general assembly meeting, Oliver Modi, said the media in South Sudan has much work to do.

“There is a big challenge in front of us as media practitioners. We need to double efforts to invest in media training institutions in order to produce professional journalists.”

He also said there was need for the media houses expand their coverage in order disseminate information to the entire corners of the country.

Union of Journalists of South Sudan was formed in 2004 by South Sudanese journalists and registered in 2008 by then the ministry of Legal affairs and constitutional Development.

UJOSS aims to ensure safety of journalists and create awareness on other human rights related issues within the country.

The body is expected to elect Modi’s successor this Friday.