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Thousands of unauthorised firearms collected in former Warap and Lakes states.

A collection of arms during a peaceful disarmament exercise in Bor in 2012

The army has so far collected more than 11,000 guns from civilians in the former Warrap and Lakes states, the SSPDF spokesperson has said.

The exercise started in January last year.

Civil populations were possessing firearms, causing insecurity in the areas, a concern the state authorities have been grappling with.

The disarmament exercise was as a result of communal clashes, inter-state clashes and cattle rustling in the areas.

In 2017, President Salva Kiir issued an order for disarmament in greater Warrap following deadly clashes between Apuk and Aguok clans.

Since then, the army have been disarming the local population there. The weapons were collected in Gogrial, Twic and Tonj states among others

“The total number of guns collected in greater Warrap are 6.472…in Lake State …a total of 5.195 guns were collected,” Major-General Lul Ruai Koang told Eye Radio on Wednesday.”

He said this has improved the security situation in the areas.

General Lul has also admitted that some soldiers are selling their own guns and as result some of them have been arrested.

“Let me be honest that we have soldiers who are in prison now because they were caught selling or having sold their guns.”

However, General Ruai could not mention the number of those arrested.