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Juba ‘unfit’ to host EAC Inter-Parliamentary Games

Juba Stadium

South Sudan will no longer host the 2018 regional inter-parliamentary games due to poor infrastructure.

This was confirmed to Eye Radio by Paul Yoane, the chairman of the information committee at the transitional parliament on Friday.”

The inter-parliamentary games are not going to be hosted by the Republic of South Sudan, but one of the East African Community countries is probably going to host it.”

The EAC Inter-Parliamentary Games is a key aspect building on relations between the EALA and the National Parliaments in the  region.

The Games are held annually and on a rotational mode in the partner states.

Article 119 of the treaty for the establishment of the East African Community obliges the partner states to promote close co-operation amongst themselves in culture and sports, with respect to the promotion and enhancement of diverse sports activities among other areas.

The games were hosted last year in Dar el Salaam, Tanzania. South Sudan was suggested by the region to host the 9th inter-parliamentary games.

However, Hon. Paul Yoane said after the visit of the speakers from the region to Juba last month, they said South Sudan is not qualified to host

This, he said, is because of the country’s poor infrastructure: “The reason is that our facilities are yet to be conducive to host such regional event.”

“If you look at the Juba football stadium which was established in 1962, a lot needs to be done on it, including the Hai-Neem basketball stadium plus Buluk playground,” he described the conditions of the facilties.”

Honorable Yoane said South Sudan will host the competition in the sub-sequence years, but after it improves the facilities.

The games have been scheduled to take place late this month.

It has not been decided yet where the games will be played, but countries that are likely to host the tournament include Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.