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Soldiers warned against looting

President Salva Kiir during a past function

The Commander-in-Chief of the South Sudan armed forces has once again warned SPLA soldiers against the alleged looting of civilian property and relief items across the country.

President Salva Kiir has issued similar warning in several occasions in the recent past.

In September last year, he accused the organized forces of committing crimes in the country.

Kiir – who was addressing senior officers from all the security organs in Juba yesterday – said the forces have been seen looting and destroying property openly while in uniform.

In his address to the SPLA on Thursday, Kiir said he has been receiving reports of threats by the army to the humanitarian convoys.

“The complaint we are receiving everyday is that there are soldiers among you, who go to the bush and threaten those in the convoys and take from them money, phones and whatever they want,” Kiir told the soldiers.

“No. This is not right. If you are doing it, you stop it now. It’s now time for peace. Don’t do it again.”

He also warned soldiers against collaborating with criminals through lending of guns and uniforms to commit crimes.

Besides, several reports by aid groups suggest that access restrictions have worsened the humanitarian crisis.

Later in November, President Kiir issued a decree, ordering free, unimpeded and unhindered movement of humanitarian organizations in the country.

“The army should adhere to the ceasefire and allow the humanitarian organizations deliver assistance to anywhere they want to go.”