S. Sudan urged to form oil research institute

South Sudan organized Oil and Power Conference/Oct. 11 - 12, 2017

South Sudan should form a unit for research and development to trains people in the oil sector, said the Advisor in the Ministry of Petroleum in Sudan.

Sallah Hassan said young university students should be recruited in such centers once it is operational in the country.

“No oil industry will go forward without research and development,” he said.

“So you should start the unit of research to attract young good people from the university, put them on training and let them start research and development for future production.”

Mr. Hassan was giving Sudan’s experience on how research and development units helped them in past to improve production, during the Africa Oil and Power Conference being held in Juba.

“We started in Sudan our research and development in 2010, it took us sometimes because of the mindset sometimes people don’t believe in the research and development,” he said.

“It proved that every dollar you put in research you get 3 dollars.”

The Africa Oil and Power conference is aimed at highlighting potential energy investments for investors.

It has brought together oil companies from within Africa to share ideas on how to explore oil and power in South Sudan.