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S. Sudan urged to diversify energy sources

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South Sudan needs to diversify its energy sources in order to have clean environment and electricity, says a US-based organization.

The Energy Peace Partners is an organization working to promote clean energy solutions to support peace and development in conflict-affected and fragile regions.

According to the World Bank, South Sudan has the lowest level of energy in the world.

The president of the Energy Peace Partners, David Mozersky, said South Sudan’s renewable energy should also benefit the ordinary citizens.

“Much of the energy infrastructure here is dependent on fossil fuels and diesel are heavily fuel oil. So there is both a need and opportunity to diversify and expand energy sources,” he said during the launch of a 5-day training on solar power.

David suggested that the country use its energy resources for solar power system rather than generators which he says is not environmentally friendly.

He went on to say that solar power, has the potential to be transformative in South Sudan because a solar panel can reliably produce electricity for up to twenty-five years.

For his part, the chairperson of South Sudan’s renewable energy council urged the government to solicit funds for setting up solar system in the rural areas.

“They can now engage partners that will bring in some money to buy this solar system, either through a loan or a grant,” said Professor Ajuoi Magot.

He believes that this will help in health and agriculture sectors.