S. Sudan leaders should not feel irreplaceable

South Sudanese leaders should not delay attainment of peace, thinking they are the best people the country can produce, the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce has said.

Simon Akuei said those who do not compromise should be held accountable and dealt with by the international community.

He said during the second phase of revitalization forum, the parties should think about the people of South Sudan rather than their own interests.

Mr Akuei also said that the business community is calling for compensation for the destruction of properties and loss of money due to conflict.

Some traders have been raising their concerns to the chamber after their properties were destroyed due to conflict since 2013.

Mr Akuei said the leaders need to use the revitalization forum to look into the concerns of the citizens.

He spoke to Eye Radio’s Emmanuel Akile, during the closing of a two-day workshop on the peace agreement, which was supported by the JMEC.