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‘S Sudan is dumping place for outdated IT equipment’

Used computers

The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Information, Communication Technologies and Postal Services has described South Sudan as a dumping ground for outdated Information Technology Equipment.

Information Technology Equipment is a group or family of product, which include devices that have a primary function related to the collection, transfer, storage, or processing of data.

This includes computers, telecommunications equipment, monitors, keyboards, printers and servers.

According to experts, many components are fairly hard-wearing and do not degrade into the environment naturally.

The undersecretary said in the region, South Sudan is behind in technology and substandard equipment have been imported unchecked.

“Some of the countries that have gone ahead of us in this arena of ICT development have so many equipment that they want to dump, but they have no place to dump it,” said Justine Aler De Mayen.

“They are looking at the poorest countries who need at least something to show that they have something.”

He warned the concerned government institutions against allowing the flow of substandard equipment into the country.

De Mayen was addressing the third East African Communication Organization held in Juba on Tuesday ahead of World Radio Communication meeting scheduled to take place in Egypt next year.