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Reasons cabinet minister requests MTN re-installation in Lainya

Dirt road in Mukaya Payam, Lainya county.

Cabinet affairs minister Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro has appealed to MTN to resume its mobile phone network coverage in Lainya, in Yei River State.

Other areas include Loka, Kenyi, Limbe, Mukaya, Kupera, Kajo-Keji and Morobo.

According Martin Elia these areas have been affected by the conflict since 2016.

Martin said activating the network in these areas will help in the dissemination of the revitalized agreement.

“We are in the process of disseminating peace to the citizen wherever they may be…. There is no way you can disseminate peace without network.”

According to peace accord, parties are tasked to disseminate provisions of the agreement to the citizen in the country.

However, Martin said lack of network in those areas could also cause insecurity due to lack of information.

“This is why I have requested MTN to activate its network in Lianya County where I came from. This is an area where there was instability with a lot of insecurity because of lack of information”.

Last week, members of the public in Gbudue state complained about the poor mobile network in the area.