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Police release five protesters arrested in Juba last week

Protestors seen marching along Jebel-Custom road in Juba on March, 8, 2017

The Executive Director of the Screen of Rights says five people who were arrested during a protest early this month have been released without charges, after nine days in police custody.

Reech Malual said the five include a member of their board of trustees, who was among four other protestors who were calling for an end to the conflict, improvement of civil rights, and the delivery of social services.

“After 9 days behind bars, trustee and civil rights activist Peter Garang Deng Geng has been released yesterday [Wednesday] afternoon on strong bail without charges,” Malual said.

He told Eye Radio that they were released on bail without charges.

“The detention was illegal. This is actually against individual rights enshrined in the constitution,” he added.

Last week, the spokesperson of the National Police Service, Brigadier Daniel Justin said no charges were brought against those who were arrested, because the protestors had not caused havoc.