Police investigating kidnapping cases
South Sudan Police Service - File Photo

The police service is investigating several cases of kidnapping within Juba, the Police spokesperson has said.

Brigadier Daniel Justin said the police service has received some cases being carried out by unknown people in the town.

Early this week, a 17-year victim of kidnap was admitted at the Juba Teaching Hospital after her abductor withdrew blood from her body.

The unnamed girl suspected that she was intoxicated and had her blood withdrawn by one of the passengers in the car that gave her a lift from Munuki.

When teenage girl regained consciousness, she found that she was dumped at a bush in Gumbo.

Brigadier Justin said the received the information after it was aired on the radio and they have launched an investigation into it and several other cases.

“We have a lot of sensitive cases but we heard them on the media, for example, we have heard from the radio that there are crimes happening somewhere,” he said.

Brigadier Justin called on the public to report cases of kidnapping to the nearest police station.

“I am urging the citizens as I used to say every day, if there is a crime, report it to the police, because we will be the first to reach the crime scene maybe after 20 minutes or 30 minutes,” he stressed.