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Parliament demands for ratification of R-ARCSS

1st Dept Speaker, Timothy Tot - file photo

The deputy speaker of the Assembly has appealed to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, to table the recently signed Agreement in the August house for approval.

Last Month, President Salva Kiir and opposition groups signed a revitalized peace agreement to end the conflict in the country.

According to the new arrangement, the revised peace agreement is to be ratified after 7 days from the date of signing by all the parties.

Last week, the peace monitoring body – JMEC released an update on the status of the implementation of the peace process saying there were already missed deadlines.

These include the deadline indicated for the ratification of the revitalized peace agreement by the National Legislative Assembly.

During a parliamentary session on Tuesday, Hon Timothy Tot said it is mandatory for the agreement to be ratified by members of the august house.

“I will just appeal to the honorable Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to table the recently signed revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan before this house.”

He said it is not the policy of the government to talk about a document that is not ratified by the august house.

“We have realized that the executive is now talking over the radio, TV about this agreement and it has not been ratified by this august house, that is not in line with the policy of the government or the traditions of this parliament.”