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Pariang reports increasing oil pollution effects

Oil Processing Facility in former Unity State. File Photo

The Mayor of Pariang in Ruweng State has appealed to the Ministry of Health to establish some health conditions affecting people in the oil producing area.

The call comes amidst reported outbreak of diseases related to environmental pollution.

The symptoms include stillbirths and deformed newborns.

According to Mayor Silvano Nuoi, both human beings and animals are being affected by the conditions.

“Babies are born with wounds or are deformed, and we have no doubt that these distortion may be caused by the wastes of petroleum,” he said.

“The owners of companies should cooperate with national and state ministries of health to see what is happening in the Ruweng state.”

In 2016, some residents of the former Upper Nile, who live near the oil fields in Palouch, complained of environmental pollution as a result of oil production.

They reported outbreaks of unidentified diseases and women and children being affected during birth.

During the Africa Oil and Power conference held in Juba last year, the Minister of Environment, Josephine Napwon, said the reports were true.

“We found that most of the companies working on the Oil fields are not actually doing the right thing especially to our people,” she revealed.

The conference had brought together oil companies from within Africa to share ideas on how to explore oil and power in South Sudan.