Opposition urges warring parties to reach a peace deal

Dr Lam Akol, SPLM-DC Chairman.

All-party leaders in Addis Ababa are urging the government and the SPLM in Opposition to reach a peace deal in the ongoing peace talks.

They say that there is hope to reach a peace agreement for the country.

“Yes there are difficulties and problems in the way and also there are obstacles, but we are insisting that they stop the war in order to enjoy peace like the rest of the peoples in the world,” Dr Lam Akol, leader of the political parties’ delegation to the peace talks, told Eye Radio this morning from Addis Ababa.

However, a member of the Communist Party, Ismail Suleiman, says the people should exert pressure on the warring parties to reach a peace agreement.

“The first role that people of South Sudan can play is to impose a solution, which is consistent with its interests,” said Mr Suleiman, “and the second thing is to utilize pressure on all parties to stick to what has been agreed upon.”

Other participants in the talks include the civil society and religious groups.