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Oil companies accused of rejecting gov’t summons

Oil Facilities in Paloch/File photo/Moses Legge

Oil companies accused of polluting the environment are undermining the ministry of environment after issuing them with summons, according to the minister.

Josephine Napon says she has been issuing summons to those companies to answer questions about the environmental pollution in the oil fields.

The oil companies, namely, Dar Petroleum Operating Company, Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company and Sudd Petroleum Operating Company.

The Minister has confirmed that there is pollution in oil fields caused by three oil companies.

Josephine Napon says she has been asking these companies to answer questions regarding the pollution in Northern Upper Nile state where mothers are said to be giving birth to deformed babies and animals are dying.

“The oil companies rejected and they clearly told us that we are not answerable to the ministry of environment instead they are answerable to the ministry of petroleum,” she said.

She also said the oil companies are not adhering to Petroleum Act and are rejecting orders of her ministry.

“I felt that these oil companies somewhere are being misled because the ministry of environment is an oversight that has got a rule to do all the audit,” Ms Napon told the parliament when she was summoned on Monday.

Minister Napon urged the parliament to intervene.

(Additional information by Okot Emmanuel)