NPTC to confirm peace funds deposit

Dr Elia and members of NPTC during formation of sub-committees 14/11/2018

The government spokesperson says some amount of money to start implementation of the pre-transitional period has been deposited.

Michael Makuei announced this during a media briefing on Friday.

He also said some international partners have expressed their readiness to support the National Pre-transitional Committee in-kind and financially.

This comes after consistent calls on donors by South Sudan leaders to support the peace process.

“Our partners or friends have expressed their readiness to support us, and others are ready to give us material support being in kinds or cash,” Michael Makuei spoke to journalists  over the weekend.

According to Mr Makuei, they expected by today a confirmation on the amount of money that has been cashed into NPTC account.

“We will finalize a report [Saturday] on how much the government of South Sudan has deposited in to our account so that we start operationalizing using that money.