Nimule: More rape suspects being tried in court


A woman activist in Nimule says a local court has started hearing four cases of rape in the town.

Steward Women says that some of the suspects have been in detention in Nimule for more than two years for raping women in different parts of Imatong State.

Tinna Stella Lolik, who is the organization’s program officer for access to justice, said some of the cases were reported this year, while others may have taken up to four years.

“They are all different cases. The complainants were unable to go to Torit [for hearing] due to many factors, but some of the accused have been in detention center for as long as 4 years,” said Tinna.

Last week, a court in Nimule sentenced a police officer to 12 years in prison for defiling a 12 year old girl in a local lodge in Nimule town.