NGOs urged to address street children’s challenges

Street child in Wau - Gurtong photo.

Jubek State’s Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare called on Non-governmental organizations to work together towards addressing challenges facing street children in the country.

Rose Lisok Paulino said there are overlapping roles being played by various organizations.

The impact of these organizations on the lives of the children is minimal, she added.

Ms. Lisok called for collaborative programs between government and NGOs in the country to elevate the sufferings of the children.

“There are NGOs whose mandate is to look after these children; they can work with us on this program,” she said.

“We do have more than 400 organizations, and if they are really working, there should be some impact.”

There is growing number of street children in South Sudan as a result of conflicts and economic hardship.

A survey conducted by aid organizations shows that most of the children in South Sudan are orphans, but some live in the streets with their families by doing odd jobs.

In 2014, humanitarian organizations reported that the number of street children in Juba alone has increased from around one thousand two hundred to three thousand in just 4 years.