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NCA presses telecom companies to improve services

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An official at the South Sudan national communication authority says the mobile telecom operators are now working to improve their network services after they were instructed to do so.

Zain and MTN are the only telecom companies operating in South Sudan at the moment, given the shutdown of Vivacell by the government last year.

Following the shutdown, the networks deteriorated as most of its customers had to subscribe with Zain and MTN.

Experts said this has been the cause of the poor networks.

“They are working on a site at Nyakuron, [in Juba] to migrate from the old system to new systemIt is like is the heart of their network,” Chol Joseph who is the head of technical directorate told a group civil society petitioners on Friday.

For Zain, he said “they have small issue with their vendor, but they are working with them to resolve the problem so that the vendor comes and does the job ”

“We need zero problems, zero errors for a maximum quality of service to be delivered to our citizens in South Sudan,” Mr Chol said.