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MPs call for compensation of Pageri people

One of the several houses along the Juba-Nimule that have been destroyed during the 2016 conflict | UNMISS Photo

Some Members of Parliament representing Pageri County at the Imatong State Legislature say the government first needs to compensate those affected by the conflict in order to return home.

This is in response to the recent call made by President Salva Kiir, asking the area residents to return.

Located along the Juba-Nimule road, Pageri area witnessed displacements and destruction following the renewed conflict between the government and opposition forces in 2016.

After a 2-day visit to the area earlier this month, President Kiir apologized for the impact of the fighting on the area and urged the inhabitants to go back home.

However, Hon Florence Nighty Atto – who represents constituency Number 25 in Pageri – said that Madi people need to be compensated and they call for the government to put the security as a priority.

“They are looking forward for the government to really consider compensation and also to consider bringing the people who committed such atrocities to book,” she said.

For his part, the representative of Constituency Number 24 in Nimule, Hon Aventore Bilal, said the government must make return attractive by restoring security:

“A lot of things have to be done; first of all, how will they come and settle since all their places have been vandalized. There has to be some resettlement package for that.”

Currently, the MPs say majority of the inhabitants of the Pageri County are sheltering in Ugandan refugee camps.