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The man running barefoot across Africa has something to say about S. Sudan

Nick Lawson, the man who is running barefoot across 23 countries in Africa.

The man who is running barefoot across 23 countries in Africa in the name of love and unity has described South Sudanese as peaceful people.

Nick Lawson disagrees with media reports which reportedly negatively portray the image of South Sudan.

Before coming to South Sudan, the 27-year-old Australian said the media has always reported on war and famine in the country, forgetting its peaceful and generous people.

“Honestly from my first hour in this country, I was greeted so kindly which is completely opposite to the impression that you receive from the media, especially in a country like mine,” he told Eye Radio’s Dawn Show on Tuesday.

“The war or whatever is going on with famine and poverty, they don’t even show you that there are millions and millions of people that are just living peacefully and happily and trying to do their best to make their lives better, their family’s lives better.”

Nick is in the country on a “run for love 2018” campaign.

It is aimed at promoting love and unity among people and begin a global conversation about love and what it means.

“The world at the moment only focuses on the negative. Find the positive, it is in every single situation. For one negative, there is a hundred positives,” stressed Mr Lawson.

He is running barefoot to show people what human beings are capable of and also to show millions of people who cannot afford shoes that he is with them.

From South Sudan, he will run to Ethiopia and then proceed to other African countries.