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Leader of Gogrial notorious gangsters gunned down in Tonj

Thiang Malok Thiep during his arrest in Kuacjok in 2017 before he scape from prison - Photo by Mackuac Akot

Officials in Gogrial say the ring leader of a group of armed gangsters causing insecurity in the state has been killed.  

According to the state officials, the man identified as Thiang Malok Thiep was the leader of notorious gangsters responsible for many deaths in Gogrial and Tonj states.

The minister of information in Gogrial state, Edward Yier, told Eye Radio that, the suspect was killed in Tonj a week ago.

He said Thiang Malok Thiep, the ring leader of armed gangsters and his crew, who were allegedly well-armed, was trying to buy food items from Romic village when the community there reported them to members of the organized forces.

“They wanted to know actually where they came from and what their mission was in Romic. So in the process, Thiang told Deng Thiep Agany [one of the gang members] to shoot these people and Deng shot at Deng Dut Ater the late person from Romic and they tried to run away.”

The minister said the gang’s leader was said to have shot at some members of the organized forces who were trying to inquire where they came from.

“The chief took the gun and shot Deng Thiep in the arm, and again tried to shoot Thiang, but the bullet could not hit him. He used his mind by removing one bullet from the magazine and again shoot at him in the leg, Thiang falls down, he was killed and that is the whole story.”

Gogrial authorities said Thiang was accused of fueling the inter-communal clashes between the Apuk and Aguok which left dozens dead in April Last year.

“Nobody that can be happy when you hear that person is dead, but all in all Thiang was the cause of these messes in Gogrial State.”

According to the minister of information in Gogrial state, armed gangsters ring leader has been hiding since then.

Edward Yier said Gogrial authorities have pardoned the followers of the slain ring leader and called on those loyal to him to return home.