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Latjor authorities dismiss OCHA’s access restriction report

The Sobat River on the edge of Nasir, the capital of Latjor | Photo | Owen Fuller

The deputy governor of Latjor has dismissed OCHA’s report that there were incidents of humanitarian access faced by aid agencies in Nasir.

On Monday, in a situation report for last month, OCHA said authorities in Nasir, among other areas across the country, interfered in operations of humanitarian organizations.

It said that there were cases of illegal taxation, threats, intimidation and harassment of aid workers.

As a result, OCHA said this hindered delivery of relief assistance to over 70,000 people in need in the area and neighboring Ulang County.

“OCHA are working in the area here we don’t ask anybody why he is working here,” said Elijah Liach, the deputy governor of Latjor.

“There is no any single soldier that goes out of the town. So if they have any evidence, let them show us.”

The other areas mentioned in the report with similar incidents are: Bagari in Wau and Central Eguatoria.

However, efforts to reach the authorities for comment were not immediately successful.