Kondokoro commissioner to issue order against tree cutting

The Commissioner of Kondokoro County who earlier permitted soldiers to burn charcoal in his area said he will issue new orders to stop tree cutting and charcoal burning by the SPLA.

On Tuesday, President Salva Kiir directed military leaders to discourage soldiers from cutting down trees and burning them for charcoal.

Kiir said members of organized forces have been seen selling charcoal in the towns.

He added that the act is contributing to deforestation and the speedy destruction of the natural habitat.

“I will tell them, I will make a local order to ban this,” said Redento Tongun, the commissioner of Kondokoro.

Last year, he issued a local order allowing soldiers in the County to burn charcoal as a means of supporting themselves.

Redento had said the move was to discourage soldiers in the area from engaging in vices that will hinder peace and stability in Kondokoro.

“If the soldiers have no food, and they don’t get paid on time, do you think that they will execute such orders, even if I tell them not to cut down trees?” he stressed.

“It is really difficult, but what am saying is that it is easy to tell them the order.”

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Nile Institute of Environmental Health, Dr. Bior Kuer said the President’s orders are crucial in preserving the environment.

He said random cutting down of trees contributes to drastic climate changes.

“There is a problem in cutting down trees, it causes deforestation and with deforestation many problems comes with it,” said Dr. Bior.

“Soil erosion will take place, farmland will be destroyed and there will also increase the impact of climate change on the country.”