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The Kingdom of Netherlands offers $9 million for roadworks in Equatoria

Ikotos - A road section between Torit and Kapoeta; file photo

The Kingdom of Netherlands has channeled nine million US dollars for rehabilitation of feeder roads in the Equatoria region to improve access to farmers.

The 4-year project expected to start by January next year, will be implemented by the World Food Program in Yambio, Magwi and Torit.

They are, according to WFP, among the rich agricultural areas in South Sudan.

Adan Kan, the UN food agency country director, said over 10,000 small scale farmers are estimated to benefit from the project as it will enable them to access farms and markets for their produce.

“Improved market to farmers are essential if we are to increase agricultural production, generate economic growth and reduce hunger and poverty.”

The roads will also he said: “enable access to clinics and other amenities and in the process will open up land for agriculture in Eastern and Western Equatoria States.”

Other benefit coming along with the initiative, Mr Kan also said, is employment opportunities to the local youth who will be used in developing the roads themselves.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands Ambassador in Juba, Janet Alberda, said:

“Now these roads are not meant for armed groups. So we hope that the peace agreement will continue to play its course.”

The officials spoke to journalists at the embassy of the Netherlands in Juba shortly before the signing ceremony earlier on Thursday.