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Khartoum didn’t fully involved Troika in the negotiations – UK envoy

UK Special Envoy for South Sudan, Amb Christopher Trott [left] and Paul Sutphin, a Senior Advisor in the Office of Sudan and South Sudan Affairs at the U.S. Department of State

The Troika countries did not sign the revitalized peace deal because Khartoum denied them full engagement in the peace process, the UK special envoy to South Sudan and Sudan has said.

Christopher Trott said the UK, Norway, and the US had no opportunity to add their views during the negotiations.

“We are not criticizing in any way that approach. We felt that we had not had that opportunity to engage in a discussion about the agreement, so we felt that it was not at that stage appropriate to sign it.”

He said the Sudanese mediators used a different approach during the revitalization process in Khartoum, compared to the 2015 peace talks in Addis Ababa.

“The difference between 2015 and this time around was that a lot of negotiations took place behind closed doors in a way. We had been intimately involved in the negotiations in 2015, this time around I think the Sudanese mediators took a very different approach.”

However, the diplomat said they are still in support of the revitalized peace agreement.

Ambassador Trott – who is also UK envoy to Sudan – is expected to travel to Khartoum later today to meet opposition figures on the reported violations of the permanent ceasefire agreement.