Kenya issues deadline for old S. Sudan number plates

Samples of older South Sudan's number plates

Kenyan authorities have issued a deadline for owners whose cars are still bearing old South Sudanese number plates to register by next week or have their vehicles seized.

There are hundreds of cars fitted with state plates, mainly in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The car owners are both Kenyan and South Sudanese nationals.

The old South Sudanese number plates include CE, SSJS, EE, WES, UNS, NBGS among others.

“Implementation of the new registration series begins from 13th December, 2017,” a notice from the the National Transport and Safety Authority read.

“All the parties concerned should ensure that they acquire the new number plates for the Government of South Sudan before the end of the deadline.”

The old number plates were nullified after the issuance of the SSD code early this year.

The directorate of traffic police in the ministry of interiors introduced the SSD to nationalize number plates in the country.