Jonglei governor calls for deployment of joint police

South Sudan National Police - File Photo

The Governor of Jonglei has called for formation of joint-integrated police personnel in order to prevent ethnic attacks in the greater Jonglei region.

His call comes after more than 45 people were killed during an attack on Duk villages last week allegedly by armed youth from Buma State.

According to Jonglei state officials, the attackers also abducted some children, burnt down homes, and drove away several heads of cattle.

On Monday, the governors of Jonglei and Buma were summoned by the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai in Juba to explain the Duk incident.

Jonglei Governor Philip Aguer said they have suggested about 2500 police officers be deployed to monitor movement of criminals.

“We have suggested formation of joint-integrated police that will be deployed in the middle and that is the only viable solution,” he said.

“Whatever talks or agreements, criminals do not listen to the law, it is the law that should be enforced so that we stop such occurrences.”

For his part, Governor Ismail Konyi said lack of resources is one of the factors contributing to escalation of criminal activities in the region.

The governor said the road linking Juba, Bor and Pibor should be opened up in order to help in reducing such crimes.

He added that the two states and their neighbors should create awareness on the importance of peace:

“Let all the five states sit and put their plans so as to give peace and awareness a chance. It shouldn’t be forceful because when we do it forcefully then tomorrow we will regret.”