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Int’l community told to exert financial pressure on S. Sudan

John Prendergast, a co-founder of The Sentry - The Enough Project | File Photo

The US-based Enough Project has called on the international community to exert additional financial and political pressures on the parties to drive them toward a sustainable peace agreement.

In a statement on Monday, the group said this will provide leverage for more credible talks at the revitalization forum.

It reiterated that the countless threats by the African Union, and a lack of concerted action to follow through on the threats, has only encouraged the choices of these spoilers of peace.

“The time has come for South Sudan’s warring parties to take the negotiations process as seriously as they do their war strategies,” said John Prendergast, the Founding Director at the Enough Project.

The Enough Project said there is need to escalate pressure targeting of networks associated with other spoilers at the negotiating table and in the battlefield.

It said this should also involve commercial facilitators in the international financial system as well.

The Enough Project further called upon the leadership of the African Union to replicate pressures that other members of the international community have taken for the course of peace in South Sudan.