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International Community no longer trust S. Sudanese leaders – SPLM-IO official

Hon Stephen Par Kuol (C)Africa54

The International Community is not willing to support the signed revitalized peace agreement, because they lost confidence in South Sudanese leaders, a senior SPLM-IO official has said.

Hon Stephen Par Kuol called on the religious leaders to pray for the international community to support the revitalized peace agreement.

“The international community has rejected this peace, they said they will not support us because they don’t trust South Sudanese leaders. I called on religious leaders to pray for the international community to support the peace.”

The SPLM -IO official told churchgoers that on several occasions, members of the International Community has been telling me that they will never trust S. Sudanese leaders.

“I have been to New York, Washington DC, and Addis Ababa and it has been an embarrassment, especially with us in the opposition, whenever we tell them to support us to take the power, they will say they don’t trust us and when the government tells them that they are legitimate, they will say they don’t trust the government even.”

Hon Stephen said South Sudanese are the only one who will bring a lasting peace.

“South Sudanese are the only one who will bring peace. Our side has political will that is why Dr. Riek came to Juba, but we are not sure if there is any political will on the government side.”

He said reconciliation is the only way to move the country forward.

“People should not die because someone wants to take the power and the other doesn’t want to give it. We should use a peaceful mean of resolving our issues because violence is no longer a solution to our problem. We have put down our guns, our fighters are now reconciling with the government forces, and let’s also do the same here in towns.”

Hon Stephen said people should disengage themselves from online hate speech.

“We must start with social media because we are traumatized. Hate speech on social media won’t take us anywhere.”

The SPLM-IO official, who is also a member of the revitalized Joint Monitoring and evaluation commission was speaking to hundreds of Presbyterian Church congregations on Sunday in Juba.