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IGAD cautions against exclusivity in the peace process

The IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan has warned that no party should be left out of the peace process.

Ambassador Ismail Wais made the caution while briefing members of the IGAD-Plus in Khartoum on Thursday.

In a tweet on Thursday, Envoy Ismail Waise said: “the IGAD countries strongly believe in inclusivity and no party should be excluded from the process”.

This came after same opposition groups rejected to initial the preliminary power-sharing deal, expressing fear that the 32 states will be manipulated by Juba.

The other concern they raised was the provision stating that the transitional funds will be managed by the government.

This week, several opposition groups in the peace talks threatened not to sign peace agreement tomorrow unless the Mediator addressed their concern.

The groups include; South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SPLM-Former Detainees and National Salvation Front led by Dr. Lam Akol, Joseph Bakasoro, Gabriel Changson, General Thomas Cirilo, Deng Alor.

In a Joint Press Statement released on Friday by parties, the group said they met Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs on 29 July 2018 and presented their concern to him.

However, the group says on Thursday the Chief Mediator informed them that he has made consultations with the parties and that Juba has rejected it their proposal.

“We cannot sign the said agreement in its present form. However, we stand ready to ink it if and when our concerns are addressed by the Mediators as above.”

Early, National Salvation Front headed by General Thomas Cirilo issues a statement saying it will not sign initialed governance agreement.

“NAS will not sign and will not give its consent to SSOA to sign on its behalf the initialed governance agreement even with the reservation.”

The Khartoum Peace Agreement is expected to be signed tomorrow on Sunday.