Great Run money to be used to import food

Government officials take part in the marathon in Juba in April | Photo | Unknown

Some companies have been contracted to import food using the money that was collected from the Great South Sudan Run, the spokesperson of the marathon’s organizing committee said.

Last month the committee said it had collected more than 10 million pounds from the race.

The Great South Sudan Run was an initiative pioneered by an Ethiopian businessman, AyesheshimTeka, intended to raise some funds to help people who have been affected by famine in South Sudan.

In February, the National Bureau of Statistics and three UN agencies declared famine in parts of the country, especially the former Unity State.

However, in June the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification said there was no more famine in the area.

The companies that have been contracted were chosen on the basis of their capability of bringing in food in time, Ambassador Andruga said.

“We had requested for companies to submit their bidding, and five of them have been shortlisted including Ramciel, Amin Al kasha, Lado Lukak and his companies and others,” he told Eye Radio.

“Now Ramciel offers the best exportation and capability for these foods within the shortest possible time because we don’t have enough money incurred on transportation and all those things,” Amb Andruga added.

Last month, the committee said it was expecting other pledges that were made by the office of the First Vice President and the African Union.

“We felt that we cannot wait for all the pledges to be put in because time is running,” Amb Andruga said, “so whatever money is available we thought that it is very important to do it in a very transparent way”.

In April, President Salva Kiir called upon all South Sudanese to join a marathon to raise funds to address famine.

“I passionately desire to share with each and every one of you once more [that] our country is struck yet again by another national challenge, the of famine and poverty,” Kiir said in a statement read to reporters by the Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth, this afternoon at the Presidential Palace, J1.