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Why gov’t is ‘adamant’ about restoring Vivacell’s operation license

Gov't spokesperson Makuei responding to questions by MPs over mobile operators 28/11/2018

The government has said it will not restore the operation license or contracts of the telecommunication companies that it closed down recently, unless they comply with the demands of the government.

This comes 8 months after the National Communications Authority shut down Vivacell mobile network operator.

The minister of information, Michael Makuei, was on Wednesday grilled by the parliamentary committee at the TNLA over poor network and the closure of telecommunication company Vivacell.

The MPs also questioned why the ministry closed down the relay station of the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC.

During the session, a member of the information committee, Alfred Taban, asked:

“We need to get a clear indication from the minister really why was Vivacell exempted for ten years, because this could be why there is so much confusion between the government and vivacell.”

In response, Michael Makuei said:For Gemtel and Sudani, and even Vivacell now, these companies are not paying of course.”

“But as soon as they accept to come back, then they must clear all their arrears and then we go into new terms.”

Mr Makuei also responded to why BBC was put off  the South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation:

“We are not persuading them to be with us. What we told them is that you are in breach of contract and I issued an order cancelling that contract,” he said.

Members of the public who reacted to the minister’s statements, call for an amicable solution to to resolve  these issues, saying the country is beginning to experience peace.

Most of them who spoke to Eye Radio’s Sundown show, said there is need for the government to begin changing its polices to create conducive environment to attract investors into the country.