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Gov’t set to revive production at Unity oil fields

(Right) Minister of Petroleum, Ezekiel Lol & his Sudanese counterpart, Azahri Abdu Gadder speaking to the media during a visit to the oil fields in Northern Liech @Eyeradio/Joakino Francis/Oct 12, 2018

The Minister of Petroleum has announced plans to revive production at the Unity oil fields by the end of this year.

Ezekiel Lol and his Sudanese counterpart, Azahri Abdu Gadder visited the area on Friday.

Mr. Lol said the security situation in the area is stable and secure to allow the resumption.

“We have decided that by this year unity oil fields must resumed production because the price of the oil is good. It is good for the people of Rubkoni, Northern Liech, South Sudan, Sudan, and the whole world, our partners, they will be enjoying this.”

For his part, the Sudanese Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Azahri Abdu Gadder reiterated his government’s commitment to ensuring the plans are actualized.

“I also reiterated our commitment in the ministry always without limitation whatever needed based on the agreement that we signed we will deliver on timely bases and also on very efficient faction and manner.”