Gov’t ready to offer NAS leader position

General Thomas Cirilo, Former Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics and Research. Photo credit: Unknown

The deputy minister of Foreign Affairs has said the government is ready to offer NAS leader, Thomas Cirilo a position should he needs it.

Deng Dau said this during a prayer service  at the Emmanuel Jeng Church on Tuesday.  “If he needs a position, there are a lot of positions in the government of South Sudan.”

On Saturday, the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces and National Salvation Front traded accusations over attacks in Yei River.

Each blamed the other for attacking their positions in Lainya County during the festive seasons.

 “We really want to appeal to Gen. Thomas Cirilo who is still fighting between Yei and Juba, between Wonduruba and Katigiri, between Morobo and Yei, and other parts so that he can join the peace,” Mr Dau said.

Mr Dau also urged the international community to engage renegade Cirilo to join the peace trail.

“We want to appeal to our international partners to prevail on Thomas Cirilo so that he can come and join peace of South Sudan.”

Cirilo rejected to sign the September peace agreement after his views on the provisions concerning federalism and the 32 states were left out.

He was among those who wanted federalism to be implemented immediately.

The Troika member states also did not sign the agreement, saying it favoured the elites and was not inclusive.