Gov’t allocates 6m ssp for Luri bridge repair

Luri River crossing point before the Tuesday downpour | Photo | Radio Tamazuj

The government has allocated over 6 million pounds for the rehabilitation of the Luri Bridge, according to the Governor of Jubek State.

The bridge collapsed in 2012 and ever since, it floods when there are heavy rains. As a result, it has claimed several lives as people try to cross it to reach Juba.

In August, at least six people drowned after a vehicle carrying mourners disappeared into the river.

Jubek Governor Augustino Jadalla said the money that has been allocated will be used to start the first phase of repairing the bridge so as to allow movement.

“The national government released six million, point something pound as a beginning to start putting either Irish system bridge to allow big equipment to cross Luri river,” he said.

However, Mr. Jadalla did not say when the repair of the bridge will begin.

Travelers from Luri depend on the bridge since it links them with their market in Juba.

The Governor pointed out that the bridge would also be important in the mining sector as there are some minerals being exploited in part of Luri.

“This road is very important these days and as we know the national government signed the agreement to mine the gold,” said Jadalla.

Mr. Jadalla revealed the plans during the opening of a conference for county commissioners in Jubek State.