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Gok gov’t declares 3 days of mourning after priest’s death

Gok is one of the states formed from the former Lakes.

The government of Gok has declared 3 days of mourning in the state following the death of catholic priest Father Victor-Luke Odhiambo.

John Madol, the State minister of Information told Eye Radio on Friday.

“The government also has declared three days of mourning with [immediate] effect from today and work will resume on Monday next week.”

The 66-year-old priest was killed by armed men at the Daniel Comboni Jesuit Residence in Cueibet, the state headquarters, on Wednesday night.

The motive of the killing of the Kenyan national is not clear. However, one man believed to be in connection with the incident has been detained.

Mr Madol said the clergy body has been brought to Rumbek town and the state government facilitated the transportation.

“We have accompanied the father to Rumbek Diocese in the capital of Western Lake where the administration will determine whether the body will be taken back to his home country which is Kenya or to be buried here in Rumbek , according to the regulation of the missionaries.”

At the time of his death, Father Odhiambo was the principal of Mazzolari Teachers College in Cueibet and acting Superior of the Community since January 30, 2017.

He had worked in South Sudan for approximately 10 years before this incident.

Father Odhiambo was born on 20th January 1956, entered the Society on 4th July 1978, and was ordained a priest on 22nd August 1987.

He took his final vows on 30th May 1993.