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Gogrial authorities launch manhunt for 4 armed men

soldier carries his weapon as he patrols a road near Bor Airport

The organized forces are searching for four armed men after they escaped an arrest last Sunday, says the Gogrial Information Minister.

They were among a group of seven alleged gangsters who were said to have been terrorizing civilians and looting their property in the state.

Amet Amet Kuol said the three others were killed during an encounter with the police as they tried to resist a disarmament five days ago.

“These criminals killed many people in different areas here in our state. Four of them ran away,” he told Eye Radio.

They were identified as Longar Malik, Guak Macholdit and Makat.

Mr. Kuol said the four men, including their ring leader – identified by a single name Pieng – are on the run.

He said crimes are committed because there are still many civilians with arms despite the disarmament process that is going on in the state.

Mr Kuol went on to say that the state is carrying out a forceful disarmament exercise after some youth refused to hand over their guns peacefully.