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Ministry of Gen. Education translates textbooks into five national languages

Samples of the books in major languages - Nov 24, 2016. Photo|Daniel Friday|Eye Radio

The Ministry of General Education and Instruction in partnership with Summer Initiative for Linguistics has started the translation of textbooks into five national languages.

This is in line with the General Education Act 2012, which provides for the use of indigenous languages in early childhood development.

This first phase started with primary one textbooks translated into Bari, Dinka, Nuer, Zande and Toposa languages.

‘We are starting from primary one to primary three, then we will gradually move on,” Michael Lopuke, the undersecretary at the ministry told Eye Radio.

“You will see these textbooks that have been developed or completed within this period. So they will be in the classes by February [2019],” he said

According to him, the plan is to develop the textbook up to upper classes, but this will depend on availability of resources.

In this new curriculum development, English will be taught as a subject beginning in P.1, and then will be used as a medium of instruction starting in P.4.