Two gangsters shot dead Sunday night

The minister of Interior has said two suspected gangsters were killed in a crackdown on criminal gangs in Juba yesterday.

According to the minister Michael Changjiek, one of the victims was killed instantly when fighting ensued among the group he referred to social naming as ‘niggas’.

“They were in fact celebrating a party, and during their party celebration, they fought among themselves and that result into one of them dead immediately.”

He said the other was killed when the police responded after some of the members attacked the law enforcers who were trying to intervene.

“…they went on rampage and attack the police and the police responded and one of them also died instantly.”

Minister Changjiek said 14 suspected gangsters were arrested during the scuffle.

However, he did not reveal the names of the deceased and those who have allegedly been detained, but said they have become source of insecurity in the City.

He calls on the young people to cease such act of hooliganism.