Fistula operations ongoing in Aweil

A fistula patient

The Ministry of Health in Aweil State says doctors have started operating almost 40 cases of fistula.

Fistula is a condition in which a hole develops between the birth canal and the rectum or bladder.

It is caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman without control over urine or faeces or both.

The Reproductive Health Officer, Luka Lual, at the Aweil State Hospital says 11 women have been successfully operated so far.

“We have 39 mothers who have been admitted for fistula and 11 are operated and 28 are still ongoing, which will be operated very soon,” Mr Luka.

“It started last Friday. We received the surgeon from Nigeria, Dr. Saeed Ahmed and the team from Aweil was organized by Dr. Diing Gol to work with Dr. Saeed and one doctor from Uganda. They are coming together from National ministry of health in Juba to support the mothers with fistula,” he said.

Mr Luka said this is the third fistula campaign, which is being supported by the medical charity MSF, the UN Population Fund and the National Ministry of Health.