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Finance ministry asked to prioritize development projects

FVP Taban Deng Gai addresses the 72nd UNGA in New York on Sept 23, 2017 | Photo | Larco Lomayat

The First Vice President is calling upon the new Minister of Finance and Economic Planning to prioritize road and electricity projects in the country.

Taban Deng Gai believes that corruption has hindered development in the country.

He urged the newly appointed top government officials in the ministry of finance to prioritize development.

“We want electricity and agriculture but these cannot happen unless you build roads,” said Mr Taban.

The First Vice President was speaking at a thanksgiving event organized for the newly appointed 1st undersecretary at the ministry of finance, Mr Biel Jok Thich over the weekend.

“You [Biel] and Garang Mabiordit, make sure you do the right work and tell my relatives the Nuer and Dinka to keep away from government coffers.”

“The money the government is keeping is public money.”

The First Vice President says if oil money was to be managed properly, South Sudan economy would look better than that of Kenya and Uganda.

He said millions of oil money lost to Dura Saga and LC would have helped the government build tarmac roads throughout the country:

“The money wasted in Dura Saga would have built a road from Nimule, to Raja, to Aweil, to Bentiu and up to Wodakona. It could have also built road from Nadapal up to Renk.”