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AAH employees, management in row over benefits

Labor Ministry Referral Letter From DG to Court- Obtained by Eye Radio 13/12/2018

Some employees of the Action Africa Help International have accused the humanitarian organization of refusing to release their benefits.

Some of these 17 employees have been working for Action Africa Help International since 2013.

After the economic crisis worsened last year, the workers requested the organization to give them the accrued benefits to help them meet rising market prices.

In response, the Nairobi-based group agreed to the request. However, it said it would pay the workers in instalments, a proposal the staff rejected, resulting to a long battle.

According to documents seen by Eye Radio, the employees sought intervention from the ministry of labor, public service and human resource development; and the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

In one of the letters date June 18, the ministry of labor ordered the aid group to give the staff their benefits, a directive it defied.

The ministry then wrote to the AAH-International headquarters in Nairobi, which in turn directed the country office to release the money, but that also didn’t materialised.

A representative of the AAH staff who chose not to be named said the organization  threatened to fire those who did not want to accept the instalments offer:

“It is not our wish that because we want one hundred percent, we should be laid off.

The source said the denial has no any legal base  and there is no reason for the NGO to threaten them of terminating their contracts.

“If they cite any article in the law that said anybody who wants one hundred percent benefit should be relieved, then we would happily accept and match home.”

When contacted by Eye Radio yesterday, the management of the Action Africa Help International declined to comment on the matter.

However, according to one of AAH employees who spoke to Eye Radio, the matter has been referred to a court of justice by the labor ministry for adjudication  after failure by the organisation to address the issue.